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is this for fricking real?

Yes, it’s real, but it’s missing some context:  Thranduil’s throne is so high and so precariously perched that the crew had placed mattresses on the floor in case Lee fell off. Peter Jackson joked that they would bring him lunch in a few hours, implying that Lee would have to stay up there the whole time. Lee then mimicked having to go to the bathroom, and the camera pulled back to show the whole cast and crew laughing, including Richard.  If I have the chronology right, this was the very first day of shooting for Lee.  From these scenes it’s not hard to understand why Lee made such an impression and got on so well — with everyone! ;-)

Thank you, dear Sunny! Yes, I think everyone on-set fell in love with Lee, including a certain bloke from Leicestershire.


Anonymous: what's the best game you ever played in ur life?

I think it’s pokemon, it’s the game that I never get tired of XD

October 21 @ 01:15
Anonymous: what made you ship archie and maxie together?

It’s quite long time ago since RSE, I like how their point of views are different in first place but started shipping it because of Emerald where they interacted more.

October 21 @ 01:15
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Anonymous: What was your first pokemon game you played?

Ooooooooooooooh it’s BLUE VERSION YUS

October 21 @ 01:08
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Anonymous: Dominant hand aaaaand the first memories you have of your childhood c:

Is dominant hand means the one I usually use? it’s righthand C:

My first memory of my childhood is one that I encountered a roach then ranaway in the opposite way of where it headed to, I think both me and that roach were afraid of each other lol.

October 21 @ 01:08
Anonymous: how do you draw so amazingly?

Eeeeee, actually it’s nothing much more than practicing. I keep looking for references in various topic, anatomy, shading, colors and light then go in detail on what I think and, what other people sees, that is my weakness and tried to get better at it.

That’s all! pretty much simple, Looking through pinterest, tumblrs and websites. They are like huge resources. I often look through books also, still the key is keep practicing on what you think it’s your weakness or a “need to be improved” on your drawing.

Hope that’s help a bit ; v ;

October 21 @ 01:02
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U///////U <3

Practice on speed painting/study again
this one is like an hour or so.

Practice on speed painting/study again

this one is like an hour or so.

October 20 @ 10:22
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Davide, quick sketch

Davide, quick sketch

October 19 @ 10:31
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ORAS Archie and Maxie, done for quick practicing.

My team gonna start new project tmr so I need to warm up a bit.

October 19 @ 02:11
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